7 Ways to Use Kief

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Regular cannabis users will be familiar with the build-up of greenish dust in things like grinders and containers. This dust is known as Kief, and you should never throw it away. Kief is actually crystals of trichomes which fall off of your bud. It’s actually a lot more potent than regular weed and works in a similar way to cannabis concentrates. There are many ways to use kief, and these can offer a more potent high than usual.

Whether you like to smoke, vape or even create new cannabis products, kief is ideal. It’s made from the most potent parts of weed and, as such, provides a very strong THC kick when used. Make sure you collect Kief over time and collect it up to use it. It offers another great way to enjoy the full effects of cannabis.

So with all that said, what are the best ways to use kief? You have a lot of options, and most are very easy. Here’s a guide on Kief, how to get it, and most importantly how to use it.

What is Kief?

Kief is a powder or dust-like product which often falls off of cannabis buds. These cannabis crystals actually come from the resin glands or trichomes of your weed. These are actually the most potent parts of the flower as they pack very high levels of THC. As such, you should keep a hold of any kief residue you find and use it.

You can use kief in many ways. Much like cannabis concentrates, it’s extremely versatile and easy to use in many different forms. What’s more, using it can offer a more powerful high than you’re usually used to. It may not be as potent as proper cannabis concentrates, but it does pack more THC than your regular weed.

It’s always a good idea to collect together any kief you can find and start using it. There are a lot of ways to enjoy the effects and it’d be a shame to miss out on the high levels of THC it contains.

How to Get Kief

How to Get Kief

Kief often falls off of flower strains and, as such, most weed lovers should be able to find some. The easiest way to find kief is at the bottom of a grinder. Collect all the dust together and you can use it again. It sometimes also falls off into containers of cannabis. Check the bottom for any of these kief crystals before you clean it out or throw it away.

Some users even go the extra mile to collect more kief. Certain grinders and sifters with multiple chambers make it easy to collect kief in the bottom. These can provide you with easy-to-collect kief so you can get some extra use out of your cannabis strains.

Some stores also sell quantities of kief along with other cannabis concentrates. It’s usually a lot cheaper than other products since it’s easier to collect. With that said, anyone who smokes cannabis regularly should be able to find leftover kief which they can use again to get even more bang for their buck.

Why Use Kief?

With so many cannabis strains and concentrates available, why should you use kief? Well, since you’ll likely end up with some leftover kief regardless, it’s best to make the most of it. Kief comes from the trichomes of cannabis, the part which contains the most THC. Because of this, it actually delivers a very strong high when you consume it.

It’s also easy to use kief in a variety of ways. The powder form makes it very versatile and you can often mix it in with other products to enjoy an increased dose of THC. Using kief can be a lot of fun, and since you’ll probably have some lying around anyway, it’s well worth trying it out.

Ways to Use Kief

One of the best things about kief is you can use it in all kinds of ways. It can be mixed in with other products when you smoke or vape for an extra potent high. You can also cook with it or even add it to drinks. Here are a few of the best ways to use kief.

Use Kief in a Joint

1. Use Kief in a Joint

The most straightforward way to get some use out of your kief is to simply smoke it. While you’ll need a lot of kief to smoke it on its own, you can always just sprinkle it in with the rest of your herb. This will increase the potency of your joint and is extremely easy to do.

When you roll your joint with bud, simply sprinkle a bit of kief on top. When the weed burns, the kief will burn with it, and you’ll be treated to some extra THC when you smoke it. Kief can be strong, so be cautious about how much you use. Even a little added kief can really up the potency.

The same applies whether you roll a blunt or spliff. You can mix in kief with tobacco and weed for an easy-burning and highly potent roll-up. If you have your kief collected, all you have to do is mix it in with your other herbs and you’re set to go. This is the easiest way to use kief and one of the best.

2. Use Kief in a Bong or Pipe

Taking a bong hit will usually get you higher than slowly smoking a joint or spliff. But if you want to make your high even stronger, you can also add some kief to your bong and pipe. Again, while kief on its own might not burn so well in a bowl, you can always mix it in with the rest of your herb for added effects.

Load your bowl with your regular flower product and simply sprinkle some of your kief on top. Now light up and inhale. This is just as easy as using your kief in a joint or spliff, only the effects tend to be a little stronger. If you enjoy smoking out of a bong, this is a great way to make the most out of your kief.

The same applies when you smoke out of a pipe. Just add the kief in with the rest of your herbs when you load your bowl. It’s straightforward but very effective. You’ll get some very strong effects, but if you’re looking for a potent high, this is a great idea.

Vape Your Kief

3. Vape Your Kief

Many users nowadays prefer vaping over smoking. According to research, vaping cannabis is healthier for your lungs as smoking can carry many harmful toxins. What’s more, studies suggest that vaping actually allows you to absorb more THC than smoking. This makes vaping kief ideal.

Like with flower and cannabis concentrates, you just need to load some kief into the chamber of your vape pen or vaporizer. More kief is better, as a small amount may get stuck to the bottom. You should also ensure you have a vape that’s safe for use with weed or concentrates. A temperature of 315 – 340 degrees Fahrenheit is the best for vaping kief.

Much like with adding kief to a joint or bong, you can also vape kief with other products. For instance, you may want to sprinkle it in with dry cannabis or even add it to your vape juice or concentrates. Vaping kief can be very strong, so take it hit by hit and enjoy the effects.

4. Add Kief to Tea or Coffee

If smoking or vaping is getting old for you, you can also consume your kief in food or drinks. However, it needs to be heated up in order to have the proper effects. As such, one of the best ways to use kief is to add it into a nice hot cup of tea or coffee.

The heat from tea or coffee will activate the effects of the THC in kief. Now all you have to do is drink up and wait for the effects. Keep in mind that it’ll take longer to kick in than vaping or smoking. Usually, after you consume kief in this way, you’ll need to wait an hour or two for it to digest. Your liver will convert it into the extra strong 11-hydroxy-THC and it can make you high for hours.

With the added effects of the caffeine, this can make for a very interesting high. It’s also a fun and easy way to utilize the kief you have lying around. Using it with coffee or tea is best, but it can also work with all kinds of other hot drinks.

Cook Kief into Cannabutter

5. Cook Kief into Cannabutter

Cooking with kief will take a couple of extra steps. You first need to decarboxylate it to ensure you’ll get the effects. You can then cook it into some potent cannabutter which you can use for all kinds of recipes.

Place your kief on an oven-safe dish at a heat of around 300 °F for 6-8 minutes. This will decarboxylate the product without toasting it and reducing the THC levels. After this, add a couple of sticks of melted butter to a pan and add your kief till it dissolves. Alternatively, you could also add butter and kief to a crockpot and leave it for 5 hours.

Once the kief has dissolved into the butter, you can now use it for all kinds of fun cannabis edibles. For instance, you can use your cannabutter to bake brownies or cookies. You could also simply spread it onto toast and enjoy it that way. This will give you a potent edible high that will last for hours on end.

6. Turn Kief into Hash

You can also use your kief to make other cannabis concentrates. There are a few different options for this, but the easiest and most efficient to make is hash. All you need to turn your kief into hash is some parchment paper and an iron or hair straightener.

Place your kief onto the parchment paper and fold it up to ensure the kief is covered. Now, put it on a flat, iron-safe surface and put your iron or hair straightener on low heat. Go over the parchment paper with the iron (or straightener) a few times, only for a few seconds at a time. After a while, you will notice it has turned into a solid brick of hash.

Hash is a form of compressed resin which you can break up for use in joints, pipes or dab rigs. It’ll give you an even more potent high in an easy-to-use form.

Turn Kief into Hash

7. Store Your Kief

Even if you’re unsure about how you want to use your kief right now, make sure you always store it. Kief is a valuable part of cannabis and you can get a whole lot of use out of it.

Grinders will naturally collect kief. However, you can also get multi-chamber grinders and sifters which have a section for kief. This makes it extra easy to collect all of your kief whenever you grind your bud.

It’s best to store your kief in a grinder, sifter or simply a sealed glass container and keep it in a cool, dry place. Keep collecting your kief every time you use cannabis and, over time, you’ll find you have plenty to use. You can then start adding it to joints, bong hits or even creating THC-infused drinks and edibles.


There are many ways to use kief, and all of them can give you an extra potent high thanks to the concentrated levels of THC. Whether you want to make a high-THC drink, make some cannabutter or even create your own hash, kief can come in handy in a lot of ways.

You can get plenty of kief simply by grinding regular flower strains. Over time, the dust from different strains will culminate together and you’ll end up with some high-potency hybrid kief. And if you like the effects of kief, you can also try out readymade cannabis concentrates like hash and budder for an intense high.

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