7 Steps to Grow Awesome Indica Marijuana

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Cannabis cultivation is at a fever pitch, and everyone is mulling over the idea of saving money by growing their own. Growing the calming, sleep-inducing cannabis strains known as indica isn’t as easy as it first seems. However, there’s a difference between growing good and great indica.

Let’s take a look at how you can start growing amazing, potent indica at home.

First, Start with the Seeds

You can’t have good indica without having the right seeds to start with. Thankfully, there are plenty of strains to choose from. Some of the more popular ones include Afghan Kush, Black Diamond, and Sour Kush

When picking your seeds, opt for a high THC level if you want to get potent strains. On the other hand, if you want a major hit of taste, choose a strain that has a high count of terpenes. 

Next, Go for the Right Supplies

A little-known fact about cannabis cultivation is the similarities it has to tomato cultivation. When you’re shopping for soil and cultivation supplies, keep your intentions discrete by asking for tomato growing supplies instead. To get a good start on your indica, get soil, fertilizer, and plant food geared towards tomatoes.

Prepare Your Grow Zone

Then, Prepare Your Grow Zone

Each cannabis grow-op will need to have a prepped area. If you are growing outside, make sure that you’re in a legal area with plenty of sunlight. If you’re growing indoors, get a high-quality sun lamp, drainable pots, and a clean area for your plants to grow. 

Choose your space carefully. If you’ve never seen a cannabis plant before, you might underestimate how large they can grow. A typical plant can grow anywhere from 5 to 20 feet in height. Although indica strains are not as large as sativa strains, they’re still fairly large.

The size of your pot matters, too. For the sake of this tutorial, we suggest going with 3-gallon pots. 

Your ideal planting area will have:

  • High levels of ventilation since the plants need to breathe. A poorly ventilated room will not be hospitable to cannabis growth, regardless of the other options involved. 
  • An LED light source or natural lighting. A bright 500-watt LED light works best for a small room. 
  • A steady room temperature of 70 to 75 degrees. Neither indica nor sativa grows well in cold places. 
  • A decent (30 to 50 percent) level of humidity. Indica strains require far less moisture than sativa strains, so if you’re used to sativa grow-ops, this may come as a surprise to you. 

Plant Your Seeds

Fill your pots with soil, and spritz them with plant food. Plant your seeds, and water them lightly. Be careful not to water them too frequently or heavily, as high levels of water can kill them. The soil should remain mildly damp rather than wet.

Once they’re planted and watered, let the seeds grow. Each indica strain will have a certain amount of growing time before they will be able to create a smokable bud. When your plant is just starting out, it will need 18 hours of light per day.

Keep Your Plants Healthy

It’s worth noting that indica plants are highly susceptible to mould and mildew. Keep an eye out for mould, and trim plants that show signs of mould. If you’re concerned about mould outbreaks, decrease your room’s humidity.

Indica strains don’t need too much fertilizer to stay healthy, so don’t get too concerned about adding extra while they grow. Add plant food twice a month to ensure that your plants are getting all the nutrients they need for a potent strain.

Keep Your Plants Healthy

Training Your Plant’s Growth

Cannabis plants can grow to extremely large sizes, which is why knowing how to train your plant’s growth is so important. Once your plant is budding, it will enter a vegetative state. During this state, your cannabis plant will continue to grow. 

A cannabis plant can stay in a vegetative state for up to six weeks. The longer it stays, the more it grows in size. If you have a small room around the size of 16 square feet, you will be able to fit three 3-gallon cannabis plants in the room after three weeks. 

Keep a close eye on your plant growth. Once you want the plant to stop growing, you’re going to need to switch to a different lighting routine. Your plant will not be able to create buds until it gets removed from this vegetative state. 

Switch Your Lighting Routine

To get your plant out of its vegetative state, decrease your light exposure to a total of 12 hours per day. This will allow them to produce buds without increasing their height. After your plants get out of their “veggie” states, they will begin to produce buds within a matter of days or weeks.

Cure and Smoke It

After a while, you’re going to want to enjoy the fruits (erm, buds) of your labour. Doing this is simple since it only requires drying your herbs. Cut the branches of your plant and hang them upside-down in a dark, dry area. 

When you’re working on drying your plants, trim some (but not all) of the sugar leaves. After you notice that your plants are thoroughly dried, it’s time to cure them. Curing, too, is a simple endeavour that only requires the use of glass mason jars. 

To cure your cannabis, start off by collecting the buds and trimming the leaves. Then, place the buds in a jar and close the jars. Pack the jars loosely, making sure not to crush them in the jar. Seal the jars, and monitor them for a couple of days. 

To ensure that your jars don’t have excess moisture in them, open the jars twice a day and let them “air out” for 15 minutes during the first two weeks of curing. After that, the jars will work as your cannabis storage device and will help keep your buds fresh. 

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