5 Ways to Increase Your High

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You can enjoy weed in all kinds of ways, from a quick and mild hit to a long-lasting high. Many cannabis lovers seek out the most potent and intense highs possible, and luckily, there are many ways to increase your high. Many of these don’t take much effort at all- there are a few things you can do to instantly get a more powerful high.

Of course, you should use these in caution and be careful not to exceed your limits. Using too much weed can result in a bad high with uncomfortable effects. However, if you have the tolerance for it and want to feel THC to full effect, here are five ways to increase your high.

1. Smoke More

The most obvious and hassle-free method to increase your high is simply to smoke more weed. Many people increase their high simply by taking a few more hits when they’re ready. This is the best way to control your high. Not feeling high enough? Take a few more drags of your joint. Feeling too high? Just put the joint down.

The same applies to other methods of weed use. For instance, it’s just as easy to take a few extra hits from a vape or take an extra dose of cannabis oil. Be sure to stop once you’re feeling the desired effects.

Despite what some people may think, holding in a hit from a joint or vape won’t increase your high. According to research, 95% of THC is absorbed within a second or two of inhalation. Holding it in for longer will only hurt the respiratory system. Therefore, if you want to increase your high, just take another hit instead of holding one in for longer.

Smoke More

2. Change the Method of Consumption

Another incredibly effective way to get a stronger high is by changing the way you smoke weed. Certain methods yield stronger effects than others. For instance, while smoking a joint is a simple and effective way to get high, changing to a bong or pipe will often result in stronger and longer-lasting effects.

Vaping may be even more effective. A 2018 study found that vaporized cannabis could produce more powerful effects than smoking it due to more THC absorption. Vaping is just as straightforward as smoking, so upgrading to a vape pen might be the best choice for a consistently strong high.

This doesn’t just apply to weed, either. Some people use a dab rig for their cannabis concentrates to get an even more hard-hitting THC high. Of course, the best results come when you use the most potent products along with the best method of consumption.

3. Use the Most Potent Products

Cannabis products can differ wildly. For instance, some cannabis strains have 15% THC levels whereas some have 25% or more. Buying high-THC strains such as Girl Scout Cookies and God’s Green Crack is one surefire way to increase your high.

You can also move on to other, more potent cannabis products. For instance, cannabis concentrates condense weed into a more concentrated form with super high levels of THC. Vaping or dabbing these can give you an even stronger high.

The most potent cannabis products, however, are cannabis edibles. When you consume an edible, it’s digested into your body and converted by your liver into 11-hydroxy-THC, an even stronger form of THC. You’ll need to wait an hour or two for effects to kick in, but when they do, they’ll hit you extra hard. Not only are the effects of edibles more intense, but they can also last up to eight hours or more.

4. Take a Tolerance Break

If you need another simple way to regularly increase your high, one method is to simply find ways to lower your tolerance. Taking a break from smoking weed can ensure that the next time you get high, you’ll get extra high.

Of course, this isn’t for everyone, especially if you’re a regular user. But it does have its benefits. Your tolerance level is one of the key factors that impact how intensely you feel the effects of marijuana. Smoking every day will result in a very high tolerance level where you’ll need to use a lot of marijuana to achieve the same effects each day.

However, stop for a couple of weeks and you’ll notice you feel much higher when you do smoke. Alternatively, try smoking less frequently and make it worth it every time you get high. Not only will you increase your high, but you’ll also save some money.

Eat Foods to Enhance Your High

5. Eat Foods to Enhance Your High

It might seem like an unconventional method, but the foods and drinks you consume before marijuana can actually impact the effects. For instance, every strain of cannabis contains terpenes. These are compounds which affect the flavor of marijuana as well as the high.

Terpenes work alongside cannabinoids and other compounds in marijuana to affect your high. They’re also contained in many foods. That means you can eat things like mangoes, sweet potatoes, nuts, and tea to enhance your high.

Other kinds of foods can also help. Omega-3 fatty acids from things like fish or supplements can help boost your high. Dark chocolate can increase the length of your high. Foods with relaxing effects, such as green tea, also work well alongside the effects of cannabis. Experiment with these foods and see how they impact the effects of your cannabis high.


If you want to make the effects of cannabis more intense, there are many ways to increase your high almost instantly. Of course, the easiest is to simply smoke more weed. But changing the method of consumption and opting for more potent products can result in even more powerful THC effects.

Although increasing your high may sound fun, remember to be cautious. Getting too high can result in a bad trip with effects such as anxiety, paranoia, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. However, experienced weed users may enjoy the increased effects of THC even more. Using these methods, you can really ride a wave of intense euphoria, happiness, relaxation, and heightened senses. Enjoy!

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