5 Cannabis Strains That Don’t Cause Paranoia

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Are you looking for cannabis strains that don’t cause paranoia? If you’re prone to paranoia after smoking marijuana, you’re not alone. The effects of the main psychoactive component of cannabis suggest that it can cause paranoia in vulnerable individuals. It is perhaps not surprising that most people believe the risks involved in getting stoned are equivalent to the risks of getting drunk. Especially given that a significant chunk of the population in Canada is consuming marijuana, But the good news is that this is definitely not the case and there is non paranoia weed available. So which strain of weed doesn’t cause paranoia?

Certainly, many people use cannabis without adverse effects, and indeed with plenty of very pleasant ones. Moreover, there is evidence that cannabis can bring real medical benefits, for example in alleviating chronic pain. But there is also known to be a link between cannabis and paranoid thoughts.

“Paranoid” in this context means the unfounded or excessive fear that other people are trying to harm an individual. It’s a feeling that is far more common than previously thought. That is understandable given that we are all constantly compelled to interpret social situations. For instance, we tend to weigh up the attitudes and intentions of the people we meet. Because it is impossible to know for sure what other people are thinking, there is ample scope for our anxiety to get the better of us.

Does this mean if you’re prone to paranoia you must stop smoking weed indefinitely?


Researchers in England discovered whether cannabis really does cause paranoia in vulnerable individuals. They carried out a study of the effects of THC (∆9-tetrahydrocannabinol, the drug’s principal psychoactive ingredient). THC is the culprit and when individuals smoke cannabis strains higher in THC levels they tend to experience the psychoactive effects profoundly.

The Alternative

If you’re prone to paranoia using high CBD strains is ideal. CBD has been shown to help counter the anxiety as well as the paranoia that THC may bring about in some individuals. Here are 5 strains that you can start experimenting with if you’re looking to avoid paranoia.

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Ringo’s Gift

Ringo’s Gift is a high-CBD strain that crosses Harle-Tsu and ACDC. It is named for the late Lawrence Ringo, a cannabis activist, and CBD pioneer. Ringo’s Gift comes in several different phenotypes and ratios. The first of which is a “one-for-one” strain, meaning it has an equal ratio of CBD to THC, but Ringo’s Gift has seen ratios as steep at 24:1 CBD/THC. This strain has become a favorite in the cannabis clubs of Barcelona. This non paranoia weed strain is a mellow mix of cerebral activity and soothing, full-body relaxation without the “couch-lock” effect. Rare strain to find in Canada, so if you come across it grab it while you can. You can be confident Ringo’s GIft is one of the strains that don’t cause paranoia.


Harle-Tsu, bred by the Southern Humboldt Seed Collective, is a high-CBD hybrid cross between Harlequin and Sour Tsunami. With a CBD content 20 times higher than its THC content, Harle-Tsu brings relief to pain and inflammation without psychoactivity. Harle-Tsu marijuana strain is an Indica dominant marijuana hybrid created by Southern Humboldt Seed Collective. This bud is known for its extremely high CBD to THC ratio. Often CBD concentration is 20 times higher than THC.

Harle-Tsu marijuana can be labeled as THC free strain as it does not impair daily activities but provides multiple medicinal advantages. Most often this strain is used to relieve pain and control seizures. Harle-Tsu marijuana is good for day and evening time medicinal use.

Harle-Tsu marijuana strain induces clear-headed high, uplifts mood, and relieves stress. Followed by an increase in appetite, full-body relaxation with a very strong analgesic effect. Alleviates cramps, controls pain, helps with spasms.


Harlequin OG, also known simply as “Harlequin” to many members of the cannabis community. It is the first cannabis strain with an insanely high CBD to THC ratio in the United States, with an average ratio of 5:2. This sativa dominant hybrid (75% sativa/25% indica) strain is a potent cross between the insanely dank cross between Columbian Gold X Thai X Swiss Landrace. This bud offers a THC level ranging from 4-10% on average and an intense average CBD level ranging from 8-33%, making it an extremely medicinal strain. Harlequin OG has a relaxing clear-headed euphoric and contemplative head high that leaves you active and focused without any sedative effects. It’s an ideal wake-and-bake strain, especially for those who are in need of intense pain relief.

Harlequin OG is one of the best strains for treating pain and anxiety, as the high CBD levels counteract the paranoia normally associated with THC and amplify its painkilling effects. The Harlequin OG buds have an earthy pine taste and an aroma of musky earthy pineapple. This strain has dense spade-shaped nugs that are light yellow-green with rich gold undertones and a spattering of light amber hairs accompanied by a fine layer of crystal trichomes. Harlequin OG is one of the most sought-after strains that don’t cause paranoia.


Highly medicinal and specially bred with the patient in mind, Cannatonic offers a unique cannabis chemical composition for relief. Developed initially by Spanish seed bank Resin Seeds, these brilliant breeders kept the medical patient in mind closely as they were producing this marijuana strain, by purposely keeping the THC content low and the CBD content high. With, Cannatonic is unique predominantly because of its outlandish chemical composition, which does not carry the sole purpose of getting its consumer high, but rather for working on medical ailments, discomforts and conditions from the inside out, helping to heal any problematic circumstances that conventional medications often have trouble tackling.

Due to its special abilities, Cannatonic has become especially respected within the cannabis community, particularly by patients who have felt that other marijuana strains have not quite provided them with the results they desire, possibly due to a lower CBD content. This cannabis strain has a remarkable ability to stay well balanced, still offering a minimal high feeling, while simultaneously providing extreme relief.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream CBD cannabis strain by HumboldtSeedOrg. is the breeder’s most technologically advanced creation, with a 1:1 THC and CBD ratio of 10%. It has all the best traditional traits of Blue Dream with the added benefits of CBD. The flavour is deep citrus, berry, orangey pine, with peppery tones thanks to a complex terpene profile. Ideal for daytime and evening usage.
Blue Dream CBD cannabis strain’s high has more moderate and subtle effects than its original version, with added therapeutic and medicinal benefits along with minimized psychoactive effects

It is ideal for daytime medication especially for patients who want to avoid paranoia, but need an effective strain for treating depression, nausea, pain, and other ailments.

There you have it, no need to fear a marijuana free life. CBD is your savior. There are many high CBD strains that don’t cause paranoia but actually helps ease the symptoms.

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